Xcursion provides industry leading standards in managing risk and enabling the best possible response and care in any situation where kids are being looked after by others. With all the essential preventative care and incident management tools at a teacher’s or coach’s fingertips, we continue to leverage digital technologies to set a new standard of care and due diligence to protect staff, students and the organisation.

Click here to access the Xcursion Sales Deck. Please see the links below for videos demonstrating the app’s User’s interface:

Xcursion Account Setup and Security

Action Plans – Asthma

Adding Notes to Reports

Archiving An Excursion

Critical Incidents

Download an Excursion

First Aid Report

Roll Call

App Navigation

Xcursion Student Lists

Click on the below links to access videos demonstrating the app’s Admin interface:

Setting Up Teachers

Setting Up Your School

Setup An Excursion

Add Medications

How to Setup Students

Import Student Profiles CSV

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