To truly compete in any market, your company must maintain its focus on core services.  To truly succeed in any market, your company must deliver those services in a highly commoditised marketplace in an excellent manner.  In many instances, your offerings are considered very specialised and/or niche, and generally speaking, the market in which to offer them is extremely confined (and sometimes, heavily contested).  Without spending countless dollars on sales and marketing programs, it can be out of reach to expand.  There is a solution!

At Select Sourcing, we offer Value Add partners the opportunity to join an expansive ecosystem of Suppliers and Alliance partners.  The success in rounding out any portfolio is to ensure a full spectrum of IT related and/or IT complimentary services is available to all our partners and their respective clients.

If you have an established business in an area of speciality, why not at least make the call and see if Select Sourcing can help you grow your market, and expand your offerings.  Pressing the ‘Contact Us’ button costs you nothing, but it could make you something!


Some of our partners covering speciality areas such as IT Security, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Consulting, Business Intelligence, Telecommunications, Transcription and EDM Services, Web and Graphic Design, and Database Development and Lifecycle

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