Many organisations like the option of offsite storage of their files, however wish it to mirror their internal directory structure to ensure quick and ready access to information. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is the method of organising this information in a way that matches the organisations processes, strategies, and practices.

At Select Sourcing, we have implemented a unique ECM environment which is by far one of, if not the most, cost effective, resilient, and easily manageable offerings available in Australia.

Unlike traditional offerings which employ lower Input/Output (IO) storage, and require internal client management, our platforms are the same Teir 1, Enterprise Class infrastructure used for our traditional ‘as a Service’ product sets, meaning the absolute highest level of redundancy, reliability, availability, and security are offered.

Additionally, we apply full information life cycle management as standard in our solutions, ensuring all ages of information and data are managed, stored, and archived under strict control processes meeting client, legislative and industry requirements.


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