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SiteMate Overview


SiteMate is an extremely cost effective and easily deployed application (iPhone and Android) for the Construction, Mining, Energy and Professional Trade markets which offers:

  • Workplace Health & Safety Compliance,
  • Risk Mitigation,
  • Incident Management and Reporting,
  • Evacuation Plan Remote Distribution and Removal,
  • Identity Management,
  • Ease of interaction with Existing Platforms
  • Biometric and Passcode RFID Remote Site Access Control
  • WH&S Register of All Employees/Agents
  • Attendance Reporting and Management
  • Broadcast Messaging for Alerts, Training, Updates, etc

allowing organisations and end users to:

  • Plan and Prepare,
  • Respond and Mitigate, and
  • Report and Review

against all risks and incidents, in an effort to reduce exposure and maximise response in any situation. SiteMate currently adheres to the following standards:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Management (ISO 22301)
  • Business Process Mapping (ISO 9000/9001)
  • Risk Management (ISO 31000)
  • IT Service Management (ISO/IEC 20000)
  • Security Management (ISO/IEC 27001)
  • Records Management (ISO/AS 15489)
  • Australian Privacy Act, Regulation, and Codes of Practice
  • Private Cloud Hosting (no sovereignty issues)
  • SQLCipher 256bit AES encryption

For a further application breakdown please download the following Info Sheet.

Select Sourcing and OpsCentre work in partnership for the research, development and deployment of WHS and Emergency Management solutions, continually keeping up to date with local and international best practices, standards and client requirements.

Our services are aligned to meet the end-to-end requirements of all organisations, ensuring a safe and compliant workplace, response mechanisms to incidents and emergencies, through to continuity of business services via Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery Plans.

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