• Saasyan Assure

With the proliferation of BYOD and cloud based services, schools’ reliance on the internet for education purposes has increased dramatically. As a result, so has the risk of students accessing inappropriate content over the internet. Moreover, whilst firewall, web proxy and web filter vendors have released next generation solutions that can be configured to prevent such content from being accessed, most of the reporting/governance features within these solutions are generally designed to be consumed by ICT personnel.

SAASYAN ASSURE is a vendor agnostic, cloud based service that democratizes these function by providing turnkey self-service reporting, alerting and rule override capabilities to non ICT staff. With SAASYAN ASSURE schools can stay on top of attempts to access inappropriate internet content which often go unnoticed, school ICT departments will not be overwhelmed by requests for investigative reports and educators will have a firm grasp of their student’s web behaviours.


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