Whilst not commonly discussed in the Australian IT market, Service Aggregation is very much a standard used in the most common outsourcing solutions. Service Aggregation is the bringing together of specific and potentially specialised services in an aggregated model to meet the varying needs of clients.

At Select Sourcing, we appreciate that not all services are, or can be delivered, as commoditised ‘off the shelf’ offerings. That does not mean however those services most commonly shared across multiple clients cannot be packaged in a fashion to make them readily available and cost competitive outside the structure of larger outsourcing engagements. Furthermore, we have structured and packaged services that are highly complementary to each other, and offer them in a ‘no up-front cost’ amortised model (OPEX).At Select Sourcing, we have built a strong, well rounded portfolio of suppliers who work together to provide impeccable services. We have strived to ensure all our supply partners are “like minded” businesses who possess altruistic characteristics which ensure a constant drive towards mutual success. It is often said that everyone can ‘have a piece of the pie’ when working in supply and distribution channels. This is not always the case with many wholesale and distribution companies having multiple like type businesses, across many platforms, competing against one another within their own ecosystem.

Select Sourcing adopts a strategy of ‘Preferred Suppliers’ in achieving its solutions, and ensuring there is no perceived priority or bias placed on any individual supplier to the detriment of sourcing the best arrangement. Suppliers can become “preferred” in a number of ways. We have dealt with many of them previously and hold high regard for their technical capability and/or specialisation, they may have approached us with background and reference on their proposition, they may have been a previously unsuccessful tenderer, or they may have been recommended by a similar organisation. The term preferred supplier does not in itself guarantee a level of business that will be offered nor consumed, with preference provided deal to deal ensuring an effective sourcing strategy.

our partners to ensure they not only provide specific services known to be in demand in the industry, but those which will know provide excellent services and as such need to be given the chance to not only survive, but thrive in the ecosystem we have created.
As a result, our partners work in a model whereby there is generally no overlap or conflict with other partners, unless required for items such as specific territory reach – and even then, there is no overlap of territories!! At Select Sourcing, we don’t work on the philosophy of ‘everyone can share in their piece of the market’ as generally speaking, the “market piece” represented to most of us is only a portion of the bigger picture. Meaning, we only in fact share a piece of a piece of a market!

If you are looking to expand your business through closed loop cross selling, with an organisation whose focus in on constantly creating and growing the supply/demand ecosystem for its partners, then you are in the right place!

Contact us now for further discussion, and if there is obvious mutual benefit for all involved, let’s make IT happen!


Examples of our partner product sets and accreditations as per below: