TokenOne allows users to simply verify their real world credentials and identity, register their phone as a token and create a secure and secret PIN. A user can complete all necessary steps in a way that enables an organisation to meet both identity proofing and legal compliance requirements. Users can also add credentials as required by an organisation’s business rules.

Once users have a two-factor authentication account linked to the real world and their online identity, participating systems can:

  • more easily manage threats
  • provide and track non repudiated access (at varying levels of identity assurance)
  • effortlessly capture and report information to meet legal and compliance requirements (of organisations and/or external industry bodies).

Following registration, the simple TokenOne smartphone app allows users to effortlessly convert their PIN to a unique and different alpha code each time they authenticate. With TokenOne a PIN is never revealed, even on a compromised machine. Moreover, through the mental process of converting a PIN to an alpha code, the user becomes a required part of the authentication process and this proves that the user was present at that moment.


  • A simple experience for customers – It is easy for customers to register their device as a true
    unique token and generate their secure 4 to 6 digit PIN. There is no new hardware and they do
    not need to learn a complex process
  • Simple for organisations to deploy & manage – Simple and flexible infrastructure and users
    manage their own accounts, so there are no ongoing user management costs.


  • TokenOne’s patented technology is based on an industry recognised un-crackable form of
    encryption, the One Time Pad – TokenOne is not based on an algorithm, and is therefore not
    vulnerable to someone “cracking” it and compromising multiple accounts. TokenOne is not time
    synced either.
  • User’s PIN cannot be hacked or reused as it is never entered, transmitted or stored – Even if a
    user’s computer is compromised with keyboard loggers or screen scrapers, or the phone with all
    the KeyMaps is stolen, the PIN remains safe and secret.
  • TokenOne provides genuine strong two factor authentication as both factors are strong – It
    proves the presence of the device and the User. TokenOne is one of the only mass market
    authentication solutions to do this.
  • Non-repudiated Access – Proving who accessed what in governments and organisations


  • Simple to deploy and manage compared to other authentication methods – There is no
    additional authentication hardware required.
  • Scale while maintaining highest levels of security – Traditionally, systems that can scale easily and
    cost-effectively provide incremental security benefits. Highly secure systems are difficult or
    impossible to deploy. TokenOne breaks that paradigm.


  • Extremely inexpensive, yet highly secure – From as little as $2.50 per user per month for a hosted
    ADFS connector that can support federated indemnity across multiple services or sites (one
    device, one PIN, multiple applications).
  • License model allows scale up or down as user demands change – Only pay for what you use .
  • Minimal cost to manage or deploy – Users manage and administer their own accounts
  • At scale – Even less (in the cents per user per annum).
  • Rapid POI – Password security, governance AND compliance for minimal cost per user.
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