Managed Services have become the mainstay of IT Services companies with the acceptance, and subsequent uptake of outsourced services for platforms, applications, network management, desktop and server management, and support. This uptake has a proven track record of benefits associated to Managed Services such as reduced costs, increased support coverage, and system uptime through pro-active and preventative support.
We provide access to some of the best Managed Service offerings in the Australian market. At all times, you maintain visibility of all systems through online portals, the ability to create and generate reports (or have it provided for you), and are able to alter the services within a range without penalty on a monthly basis.
Flexibility is the key.

Our Services include:

  • 24×7 Monitoring, Alerting and Support (to your team, ours or both)
  • Tailored Threshold and Service Levels Management
  • Client designated automatic fault resolution processes
    • For simpler, less critical faults to ensure immediate return to operation
    • Remote and/or On-site Support
  • Patch Management
  • Monthly Account Management and Reporting (full and exception reports)
  • Asset management
  • Software Licencing Management and Compliance
  • Managed Networks
  • Unified Communications
  • Data Protection and Security
  • Service Desk Options
    • Business Hours
    • 24×7
    • Select Support Services (applications only, servers only, etc. – fully customisable)
    • Purpose built to suit your needs and budget


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