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Australia has the most mature Cloud Computing market in the Asia Pacific region. With the domestic Cloud market forecast to exceed $4.15bn in 2015 and expected to grow to $4.74bn in 2016, Australia is responsible for more than 50% of the total Cloud Computing spend of the entire APJ region, yet in spite of this, there is still significant confusion amongst IT industry professionals regarding the available domestic and global offerings and how these compare to one another in terms of performance, cost and business outcomes.

For this reason an independent process was undertaken and set out to complete an independent performance review of a selection of Infrastructure as a Service offerings available within the Australian market. This performance testing was conducted within a one-week period in September 2015, with all tests repeated three times at different times of day and an average result of all three iterations used. Three key performance indicators were measured in our testing: CPU, memory and storage.

All deployed servers were based on the latest version of Ubuntu and included 8GB of RAM and 4-vCPUs for processing. Additionally, a minimum amount of hard disk was provisioned.

Best efforts were made to ensure all servers were as equivalent as possible and that default provider configurations were not altered. This ensured that no one environment tested was given an advantage over any other.

An exception was made for the provisioned AWS server as an equivalent option was not available. Adjusted figures to account for this difference have been included

Cloud Performance Comparison 2015

Rackspace – 13,688 MBps

Macquaire Telecom – 18,617 MBps

Azure – 17,268 MBps

AWS – 14,587 MBps

Select Sourcing – 20,638 MBps


Rackspace – 2,149

Macquaire Telecom – 2,774

Azure – 1,707

AWS – 2,711

Select Sourcing – 3,652


Rackspace – 582

Macquaire Telecom – 734

Azure – 443

AWS – 817

Select Sourcing – 928

OVERALL RATING (including pricing models)

Rackspace – 188

Macquaire Telecom – 245

Azure – 178

AWS – 233

Select Sourcing – 300

Head to Head – TELSTRA

(Telstra Result / Select Sourcing Result)

Disk – 3,438 / 5,726

Memory – 985 / 1,143

CPU – 3,531 / 5,051

Overall – 2,651 / 4,040

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