Not too long ago, IT was limited. It could only go as fast as your servers, it was only as scalable as your server room and it had to be purchased in ‘pieces’. If you needed to put on some more users, you needed to buy another server. Needed to store a little more data, then buy another array. Needed to support more users, then employ more IT staff.

APPSPOINT™ through Select Sourcing breaks this paradigm by offering an Enterprise-grade environment, built on the shoulders of Tier-1 technology vendors found in most Enterprise data centres. It provides a simple, scalable solution that is as appealing to Small Business as it is to Enterprise and Government, by delivering any business application, to any device, anytime.

Need to open your ERP on your tablet? Want to quickly check some accounting figures on your smartphone? Or are you just sitting at your desk wanting to get some work done without your IT getting in your way or slowing you down?

APPSPOINT™ is the answer and incorporates the following functionality:

  • APPSPOINT™ Control Panel

  • Hosted Desktop Enterprise (HDE)

  • User Access

  • End User Experience Monitoring

  • Maximum Security

  • Managed Company File Storage

  • Printing

  • Data Sharing

  • Per User Billing

We also offer the below “As A Service” Solutions:


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