Many businesses, especially in regional Australia, have had limited resources (trained/qualified staff), capital, and infrastructure to provide what would be considered ‘standard’ services elsewhere. With the ever expanding network of infrastructure available, including the ability to then access remote and cloud based solutions, it would have been expected that smaller businesses would finally be provided the tools necessary to grow – unfortunately, this has not been the case mostly due to prohibitive cost structures associated to those services.

As Select Sourcing, we have defined, designed, and implemented a model which allows smaller IT organisations to draw on our experience, certifications, systems, and resources at highly cost competitive wholesale rates to allow them to compete against larger organisations, and/or grow their business through leveraged solutions not otherwise available to them.
This is an exciting space for Select Sourcing, being the first Australian IT company to offer fully fledged, Master Franchise offerings within Australia. Many industries are franchised and well accepted/adopted, however IT has lagged behind this trend in Australia – not anymore! With fantastic references from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India, and backing by quality partners and financial institutions, Select Sourcing has established a franchise model for the Australian IT industry that will enable many small IT businesses to immediately access a full range of services, high quality infrastructure (including networks), and limited license certifications to not only compete in their respective regions, but to flourish in ways never before achievable. You’ll see your profits take off, your costs reduced – we aren’t successful if you aren’t successful, it’s that simple.

Sound too good to be true? If you are a smaller IT company (2-20 staff) especially in regional areas of Australia where services are hard to come by at a competitive rate, why not take the time to contact us to find out more and make the decision for yourself – you’ll be surprised that ‘too good’ can be