APPSPOINT™ Secure Hosted Exchange caters to a variety of email retention and archiving requirements. Whether you have an existing, or separately hosted archiving service or wish to bundle our industry-leading Hosted Archive solution, we can support your email compliance requirements.

1. Assured Delivery

Our whole environment, from perimeter to core, is designed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of your critical email. We start with advanced spam filtering technologies featuring industry-leading false-positive rates and we work with you to design an email security configuration that will minimise spam, while ensuring your legitimate corporate email has the best chance of coming through uninterrupted.

We then leverage our highly available multi-site Hosted Exchange cluster to ensure your email is accessible when you need it. At any given time, your mailbox resides on at least three different mailbox servers, in two different data centres. Even within a data centre, each mailbox server runs on separate hardware and stores its data on a different enterprise-grade storage array to offer maximum protection of your valuable data.

But just in case something does go wrong, we also back up all of your email data daily and retain the backups for no less than 31 days. If something does go wrong (for example if you accidentally delete an email), we can restore it for you and put it back into your mailbox where it should be.

2. Email Compliance

Email is not only one of the most important ways of communicating, it is also one of the largest and most valuable information resources of our time. A lot of information required in day-to-day business is saved in the form of emails.

There is also legal significance to emails. Like paper documents, they are subject to legal requirements in many countries and must be stored in a tamper-proof manner and be easily retrievable. What’s more, in the event of legal disputes, emails are commonly used to protect the company.

3. Hosted Email Archive

APPSPOINT™ Hosted Email Archive allows your company to avoid the otherwise typical time and costs involved with implementing and operating an email archiving solution, but without having to compromise on security, confidentiality, and data availability.

We achieve this by leveraging MailStore, one of the world’s leading solutions for email archiving, management and compliance for small and medium-sized businesses. With over 20,000 customers globally, MailStore GMBH is at the forefront of the industry and continues to show technical and commercial leadership in the email archiving space.

4. Email Compliance Bundle

The APPSPOINT™ Email Compliance Bundle is our flagship email service, which combines Secure Hosted Exchange, Journaling and Hosted Email Archive into a cost-effective, turnkey service. Once deployed, all email sent to and from your mailboxes (both inside and outside your organisation) is securely vaulted by our tamper-proof Hosted Email Archive service.

As they are sent & received, emails are copied into your private storage repository and are broken down into their constituent MIME parts. Each MIME part is then de-duplicated and indexed, before being compressed, encrypted and finally stored to disk. MIME-part de-duplication & compression enables email to be stored in a uniquely efficient way, ensuring your archive storage will last longer than competing services.

Each user is able to view their personal email archive and search it by using our web interface, desktop application or our convenient Outlook add-in. We also offer a mobile web interface to allow easy access for users on the go.

5. Hosted Email Archive (standalone)

For customers with their email hosted elsewhere, we also offer APPSPOINT™ Hosted Email Archive as a standalone service. Hosted Email Archive can archive emails from Microsoft Exchange (running on-premises or hosted elsewhere) as well as Office 365, MDaemon, IceWarp, Kerio Connect and any other server or hosting service offering IMAP or POP3 connectivity. We can even archive directly out of Outlook on the desktop or import PST files.


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