Dynamics CRM is Microsoft’s multi-award-winning, highly customisable web based sales force automation tool. By combining Microsoft’s industry-leading software with our Cloud know-how, we are able to deliver Hosted Dynamics CRM cost effectively as both a standalone solution, and in concert with our other APPSPOINT™ Suite services. We offer three license levels for APPSPOINT™ Hosted Dynamics CRM:

Full User: Access to full Dynamics CRM feature set. Each Full User comes with a CRM storage entitlement of 500MB. The storage entitlement of all users is pooled and shared between all users of that customer.

Limited User: Read access to all objects. Write access restricted to only Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Activities and Notes via CRM Web or Desktop apps. Read or Write access to Custom Entities is permitted via API only. Contact us for comprehensive list of limitations. No storage entitlement.

Employee Self Service: Employee Self Service license allows access via API only. Access is restricted to reading & writing Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Leads, Activities, Notes and Custom Entities. Contact us for comprehensive list of limitations. No storage entitlement.

By default, each Hosted Dynamics CRM customer is provisioned with a single instance, but additional instances can be provisioned upon request for a simple additional monthly fee. Existing users can then be granted access to the additional instances at no extra charge.

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