Every organisation needs some kind of software, whether it be to track packages and logistics, staff and HR, client and sales management, inventory management, etc. The time, effort and costs to custom build such software can be extreme, and for many organisations this is simply not an option they can accommodate.  As a result, excel spreadsheets and multiple systems are deployed (MYOB, AccPac, ConnectWise, etc.) in an effort to meet an end requirement.  Even then, most of the ‘grunt work’ needed to collate this information into tangible and usable data is performed manually.

We can provide large scale systems equal with what can be custom built by a software company in a fraction of the time, with minimal up front expenditure and a small per user monthly fee.  We have no lock in contracts or hidden fees. It could be a CRM, an Asset Management System, Inventory Management, Accounts, HR, Resource Tracking, Project Management, or whatever you can imagine.

As a web based product, it can be used on desktop PC’s, laptops, tablets, phones and any other device that has a web browser and an internet connection. From the ground up, it has been designed to be simple, so there is no need for any I.T. knowledge to use it, and the interface friendly and easy to use, while still offering a huge range of complex features like workflow automation, integration with third party products, data import and export, event triggering, reporting and graphing tools and more.

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