Compliance180 (C180) is an intelligence platform for schools, teachers, administration and students alike, which allows real time measurement, monitoring, alerting and reporting on a vast amount of curriculum, location, well-being, data/internet access, performance, attendance activities being undertaken by personnel and student bodies within the school environment.  It provides immediate ability to respond and react to any configurable event (personal injury, attendance, performance, disciplinary processes, etc) and provides real time recording and post event reporting ensuring the highest levels of Duty of Care, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance to legislative requirements are maintained.

The C180 fully integrated platform includes Globally Patented, next-generation Identity Assurance & Validation (strong 2&3 factor authentication providing ‘proof of identity’ over standard ‘proof of presence’).  This functionality also allows the replacement of multiple passwords and other security technologies required for access to school environments and resources, providing not only greater security and governance practices, but simplifying student and teacher access at the same time.

C180 sets the standard in the marketplace, not only being uniquely positioned as the only product of its type at an extremely cost effective entry point for all educational facilities, but by also through leadership in Duty of Care provisions, by ensuring all registered school staff possess the ability to respond to any event, following school and legislated guidelines, whilst maintaining the highest levels of due diligence.  This can also be applied to events outside/off school premises and allow visibility for parents (when selected) to track children locations and performance, providing further risk mitigation regarding teacher/school liability under Duty of Care guidelines whilst not on school premises.

Some immediate benefits are:

  • Student well-being
  • Student attendance
  • Student performance management
  • Increased support and protection for school staff (Duty of Care, etc)
  • Greatly improved incident recording and reporting
  • Greatly reduced requests on IT departments for standard (or exception) reports on student body
  • Vastly improved student reporting and measurement of performance in real time
  • Greatly increased control over student access and system usage (e.g. locking down social media applications in school hours, etc – even on BYOD devices)

C180 is designed to benefit and be used by, both school staff and the student body to significantly improve performance, governance, event management, and Risk Mitigation in all school environments.

Compliance 180 is a fully integrated solution combining multiple product sets into a single application which can be used on any smart device, laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android device, etc. Click on the below logo’s to learn more!

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