By definition, an alliance is ‘a relationship based on similarity of interests, nature or qualities, formed by organisations to their mutual benefit’. Whilst this seems obvious, it is apparent that many organisations struggle to find those companies best suited to their client base, culture, and capability, and subsequently relationships are formed that become clumsy and lack proper focus.

Generally speaking, your company provides excellent services in your industry, to loyal clients who value them, but being so focussed on core business at times means you can lose sight of potential to broaden your offerings in the market. Many of these services are being consumed by your clients, but it is often extremely difficult to find a way of providing more to your client base without losing 100% effort on your company’s core focus. Now there’s a way – Select Sourcing!

If you wish to broaden your offerings in the market, then talk to us at Select Sourcing and let us show you how. No doubt, you’ve only scratched the surface of what you can be to your client base – let Select Sourcing help you grow your business, whilst at the same time, growing your client loyalty. It’s not only possible, it’s what we do!


Some of our major Alliance Partners representing over 150,000 Australian SMB, SME, and Enterprise clients are as follows: